2019-08-02 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd LICENSE master
2019-07-23 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd README
2019-07-23 Dmitriy ZolotarevFix error message
2019-07-23 Dmitriy ZolotarevToken validation and some fixes
2019-07-23 Dmitriy ZolotarevToken revoking
2019-07-23 Dmitriy ZolotarevgRPC
2019-07-23 Dmitriy ZolotarevCreate gRPC server
2019-07-23 Dmitriy ZolotarevgRPC
2019-07-18 Dmitriy ZolotarevUse vendoring mode for build
2019-07-18 Dmitriy ZolotarevTidy deps
2019-07-18 Dmitriy ZolotarevFix deps
2019-07-18 Dmitriy ZolotarevForce use the latest version of lnd
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd HTTP handlers for Lightning methods
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevFix deps
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevRename the module
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevImplementation of Lightning methods
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd some new dependencies
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevUse BlockMatrix credentials in Docker
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd BlockMatrix credentials
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevToken validation
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevToken validation
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevImplement the logout procedure
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevToken revokation
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevStore user only if not exists
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevImplement creation of a user's session
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevSome fixes
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevSome fixes
2019-07-17 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd password hashing function
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevCreate JWT
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevUse new function to storing user in Redis
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevRename User.Save() to User.Store()
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevMove all utils to the separate module
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevMove all utils to the separate module
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevUse chi as ah HTTP router, implement creation of user
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevReturn a pointer to user instead of an object
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevFix bug
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevUse chi in imports
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd an HTTP router
2019-07-16 Dmitriy ZolotarevFix listen address
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevCreate docker infrastructure
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevFix
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevFix error comparision
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevUpdate deps
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevDummies
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevCreate a structure of user's data
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevStart of HTTP server with graceful shutdown and connect...
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd .gitignore
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd dependencies
2019-07-15 Dmitriy ZolotarevInitialize modules
2019-07-10 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd another doc
2019-07-10 Dmitriy ZolotarevAdd the task description