descriptionExamples from the book "FreeBSD device drivers" by Joseph Kong.
last changeFri, 24 Jan 2020 17:14:51 +0000 (00:14 +0700)
2020-01-24 Dmitrii ZolotarevExample of rw lock master
2020-01-23 Dmitrii ZolotarevFix possible kernel panic
2020-01-22 Dmitrii ZolotarevExample for threads synchronization
2020-01-21 Dmitrii ZolotarevFix includes
2020-01-20 Dmitrii ZolotarevModify the echo driver control program
2020-01-20 Dmitrii ZolotarevModify the driver to use sysctl to control the size...
2020-01-19 Dmitrii ZolotarevExample for sysctl adapted to FreeBSD 12.1
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd ioctl command to retrieve the current size of the...
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevA command-line tool to control the echo device
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse ioctl to control the device
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse malloc(9) and free(9) for memory management
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevExample of using contigmalloc(9) and contigfree(9)...
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevMake the memory private
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevFix releasing of memory
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse own malloc_type structure
2020-01-17 Dmitrii ZolotarevFill the allocated memory by zeros
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