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2019-04-22 Dmitrii ZolotarevUpdate lib/pq to v1.1.0 master
2019-03-20 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd optional arguments to IDBEntity.Create and IDBEntit...
2019-03-19 Dmitrii ZolotarevChange result of functions Create, Update and Delete
2019-03-19 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd UnmarshalJSON method to NullInt64 and Nullstring...
2019-03-19 Dmitrii ZolotarevWrappers for sql.Null* types which supports for marshal...
2019-03-15 Dmitrii ZolotarevRemove support of migrate: too many dependencies, error...
2019-03-15 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd the Unsafe() method returning a pointer to an insta...
2019-03-13 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse sync.Once for initialization
2019-03-11 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd .gitignore
2019-03-11 Dmitrii ZolotarevEdit README
2019-03-11 Dmitrii ZolotarevInitial commit
2019-03-11 Dmitrii ZolotarevInitial commit
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