2019-10-07 Dmitrii ZolotarevTest a registration of a new account master
2019-10-04 Dmitrii ZolotarevTry to use sms-activate.ru API to register a Telegram...
2019-10-04 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse sms-activate.ru
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevRemove vendors, use my fork
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse clang for building the TDLib on Linux and FreeBSD
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd linking with clang
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevWorking example
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevChange .gitignore
2019-09-03 Dmitry ZolotarevAdd new file
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevTest
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevInit modules
2019-09-03 Dmitry ZolotarevAdd LICENSE
2019-09-03 Dmitry ZolotarevInitial commit