2019-10-07 Dmitrii ZolotarevCreate CHANGELOG.md master v1.0.0
2019-10-07 Dmitrii ZolotarevImplement registerUser method (https://core.telegram...
2019-10-07 Dmitrii ZolotarevIndicate authors of an original
2019-10-07 Dmitrii ZolotarevInit modules
2019-10-07 Dmitrii ZolotarevFix the TDLib name
2019-10-07 Dmitrii ZolotarevImprove and fix the README file
2019-10-04 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd types for support of authorizationStateWaitRegistra...
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevFix an example in README
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse same cgo flags for Linux and FreeBSD. It assumes...
2019-09-03 Dmitrii ZolotarevSet permissions to 0644
2019-07-26 Rezamfix: GetJsonValue arg to (json is a pkg)
2019-07-26 Rezamupdate to tdlib 1.4.0
2019-05-17 ArmanMerge pull request #16 from aivel/patch-1
2019-05-11 MaxUpdate types.go
2018-11-03 ArmanAdded multiple accounts example
2018-10-01 ArmanUpdated to latest tl schema, updated the proxy example
2018-10-01 ArmanMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Arman92...
2018-08-31 ArmanMerge pull request #5 from ahmdrz/master
2018-08-31 Ahmadreza Zibaeiupdate GetRawUpdatesChannel function
2018-05-26 Armanadded socks proxy example
2018-05-26 ArmanMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Arman92/go-tdlib
2018-05-26 ArmanMerged with upstream
2018-05-26 ArmanAdded Socks Proxy support
2018-05-20 ArmanAdded Docker image instructions
2018-05-02 ArmanMerge pull request #2 from pioneerit/add_os_x_flags
2018-05-02 Oleksandr SakharchukAdd flags for the build on OS X
2018-05-01 ArmanFixed a typo
2018-05-01 ArmanMerge pull request #1 from zelenin/master
2018-04-27 Aleksandr Zeleninadd bot example
2018-04-25 ArmanMerged
2018-04-25 ArmanTemp commit
2018-04-25 ArmanUsed reflection for Updates
2018-04-24 ArmanFixed refrence issue on update receivers
2018-04-06 ArmanAdded sendPhoto example
2018-04-06 ArmanFixed nil pointer issues
2018-04-06 ArmanAdded New constructor on all types, changed to pointer...
2018-04-06 ArmanAdded example sendText, fix examples
2018-04-06 ArmanFixed import path, RawUpdates are now optional
2018-04-05 ArmanMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Arman92/go-tdlib
2018-04-05 ArmanImplemented full getChats sample
2018-04-05 ArmanCreate README.md
2018-04-05 Armanremoved debug logging
2018-04-05 Armanrenamed to tdlib
2018-04-05 ArmanRemoved unused files
2018-04-05 ArmanStable work, added some examples
2018-04-05 ArmanMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Arman92/go-tdlib
2018-04-01 ArmanInitial commit
2018-03-31 ArmanAuthentication cycle ready
2018-03-31 ArmanInitial commit