2020-01-16 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse C99 style master
2020-01-16 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd accelerators to Open and Quit menu items
2020-01-16 Dmitrii ZolotarevIgnore core dumps
2020-01-16 Dmitrii ZolotarevExample of using command area
2020-01-12 Dmitrii ZolotarevFix markdown
2020-01-12 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd reference to the reference manual
2020-01-12 Dmitrii Zolotarevdynapix exmple
2020-01-12 Dmitrii ZolotarevSpecify some CFLAGS
2020-01-12 Dmitrii ZolotarevIgnore Emacs backup files
2020-01-12 Dmitrii ZolotarevExample for the MainWindow widget
2020-01-09 Dmitrii ZolotarevUse pkg-config
2019-12-26 Dmitrii ZolotarevTry to set size of the button and it's background color
2019-12-26 Dmitrii ZolotarevAdd comments and modify a code
2019-12-26 Dmitrii ZolotarevIgnore a binary
2019-12-26 Dmitrii ZolotarevComment includes, return successful result from main
2019-12-26 Dmitrii ZolotarevRemove a binary
2019-12-26 Dmitrii ZolotarevHello example
2019-12-26 Dmitrii ZolotarevInitial commit